The Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions brings together Member States, UN agencies, international financial institutions, public development banks, social partners, civil society, and the private sector to collectively support integrated and coherent employment and social protection policies aimed at reducing inequalities, promoting a job-rich and green recovery and facilitating the inclusive structural transformations needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The Technical Support Facility (TSF) brings together the expertise of the UN system building on the interagency work aiming to provide technical support to countries and support the implementation of the Global Accelerator. 

Global coordination team 

The TSF is comprised of a Coordination Team composed of 6 UN agencies working in coordination with a broader group of UN agencies, development and social partners to support the implementation of the Global Accelerator.  


Supporting the Global Accelerator’s country operations and Technical Support Facility, development partners help countries overcome decent jobs and social protection gaps and support the implementation of national development strategies for sustainable development and just transitions.

The Global Accelerator enables technical and financial partners to support government-led policies and programmes with a high return on social, economic, social, and environmental investments. 

The governments of Belgium, France, Germany, Korea, and Spain have been supporting the Global Accelerator. The commitment and support from development partners make the mission of the Global Accelerator a reality.