The Components of the Technical Support Facility


The Coordination Team


At the global level, the Technical Support Facility Coordination Team is composed of UN Funds, Programmes, and Specialized Agencies whose mandates are in line with the Global Accelerator. The team is also open to relevant bilateral partners, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, and workers’ and employers’ organizations. The global coordination team currently includes representatives from ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, FAO, UNWOMEN, and WFP.  

The global coordination team is organized into several workstreams and is responsible for the following: 

  • Planning, coordination, and oversight of the Accelerator activities, including coordinating technical support to countries as needed, on the design and implementation of Global Accelerator roadmaps and the organization deployment of a Hub of Experts; 
  • The continuous expansion of a development cooperation portfolio, as well as the development of partnerships to secure political, technical, and financial support to the Global Accelerator
  • The setup and management of the Joint SDG Fund Window and other funding streams; 
  • The development of technical tools, research, capacity building, and a results framework to track and consolidate results and impact
  • Internal and external communications to increase the visibility of the GA and disseminate its results and impacts.



Hub of Experts


Hub of Experts comprises regional and global experts from UN agencies and international development partners. It aims to provide pathfinder countries with the necessary technical support to complement existing expertise at the country level. This expertise will focus on specific gaps identified at the country level and demands for support as it relates to in-country project implementation and capacity building as well as the expertise in key topics for the Accelerator operations such as just transitions, the care economy, formalization, financing, etc.



Portfolio of Development Cooperation Activities


The TFS`s primary focus is at country level,  composed of UN Joint Programmes developed by the national teams including UN agencies, and led by the UN Resident Coordinators. The portfolio of development cooperation activities will include projects launched under the auspices of the Global Accelerator in pathfinder countries, including those financed by the Joint SDG Fund Window and other interventions including existing programmes aligned to the Global Accelerator’s results framework.