The Joint SDG Fund is an inter-agency mechanism for strategic financing that incentivizes transformative policy shifts and stimulates strategic investments required to catalyze and accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the country level in areas of integrated policy and financing. 

The Fund operates through UN Joint Programmes led by UN Resident Coordinators and implemented by UN entities to provide coherent, cross-sectoral support to national stakeholders to achieve the SDGs.

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The Joint SDG Fund utilizes thematic windows that provide an efficient and effective mechanism for driving coherent UN action to channel financing towards cross-sectoral strategic priorities and catalyse funds for scalable impact.

The Decent Jobs and Universal Social Protection Window will be one of the thematic windows of the Joint SDG Fund that will constitute a critical funding stream to support the rollout and implementation of the Global Accelerator in a selected number of countries. 

The Window will provide funding for joint UN action at the country level in building national capacities to develop integrated employment and social protection policies, implement, monitor, and evaluate them through well-governed institutions, ensure that they contribute to just transitions, and mobilise more domestic and international resources to create decent jobs and expand social protection.

In line with the objectives of the Global Accelerator, the Window will seek to promote and create synergies between integrated policy solutions, increased investments, and improved multilateral cooperation on decent jobs and universal social protection for just transitions 

The new Window will bolster UN Joint Programmes in pathfinder countries and will support: 

  • the development of integrated and well-coordinated national public policies and strategies.
  • the establishment of national frameworks for adequate and sustainable financing of social protection and employment interventions. 
  • the strengthening and/or creation of ownership and consensus among all relevant national actors and their partners (ministries, social partners, public institutions, civil society, UN partners, development partners, IFIs, and private investors; and 
  • the development and dissemination of new knowledge on employment and social protection for human-centered recovery and inclusive structural transformation.
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