Date: 18 March 2024

Location: United Nations headquarters, New York.

Financing social protection and care systems for the fulfilment of human rights, gender equality and poverty reduction

Social protection and decent work are recognized as crucial to combat poverty, ensure universal health coverage, and promote human rights and gender equality. The Global Accelerator for Jobs and Social Protection is a prime example of multilateral UN-system action to direct investments to address the decent jobs and social protection deficits and protect the most vulnerable. This high-level panel organized by UN Women will explore how financing social protection and care systems can realize human rights, promote gender equality, and eradicate poverty amidst multiple crises. 


Date: 18 March 2024 

Time: 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM 

Location: United Nations headquarters, New York. Conference Room 6.   Registration link 

Realizing the 2030 Agenda’s promise of leaving no one behind requires particular attention to extending social protection coverage to women and girls in all their diversity. This means accelerating progress in implementing integrated and gender-responsive social protection systems, backed by adequate financing with strong political commitment from decision-makers and where social partners, producer organizations and civil society groups are actively involved in the design and implementation of social protection systems that are responsive to people’s needs. The Global Accelerator provides a tremendous opportunity to leverage on partnerships with other lead agencies, including ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, FAO and WFP, to position access to decent work and social protection for women and investments in the care economy as priorities for country implementation. In doing so, it could also become an important vehicle for advancing system-wide strategy on poverty eradication. 

For more information, access the concept note and agenda of the event here. 

The event was live-streamed, access the video recording here.