The Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions convenes its first Steering Group meeting

News Release |

The Global Accelerator Steering Group met for the first time during a high-level meeting on the World Day of Social Justice. 

The Steering Group is a body of high-level support to the Global Accelerator composed of governments, social partners, public development banks, donors, the United Nations, and civil society. It provides strategic guidance to make the Global Accelerator a success in delivering at country level, and using the evidence of this, to impact global debates for accelerated progress towards social justice for all. 

"It's up to all of us members of the Steering Group to guide the Global Accelerator so that it can provide results, impact, and evidence. We need concrete examples that can inspire others, we need evidence which we can communicate globally in high-level meetings and in a south-south context, and locally under the leadership of pathfinder governments. Let us work together in this group to make the Global Accelerator a success in delivering at country level and using the evidence to impact global debates to accelerate the progress towards social justice.” said Mia Seppo, ILO Assistant Director-General. 

At the meeting, the members endorsed the role and objectives of the Steering Group and held discussions on the 2023 results, the 2024 programme, upcoming funding rounds for pathfinder countries, and partners’ technical and financial support to the initiative.

Some of the main functions of the Global Accelerator Steering Group are:

  • Strategic guidance for the Global Accelerator
  • Foster collaboration with financing initiatives and partnerships
  • Monitoring the progress and results of the initiative
  • Promotion of global knowledge, good practices, tools, and research products to address social protection coverage gaps and boost the quality and quantity of jobs.
  • Advocacy and resource mobilization

The first meeting of the Steering Group marks the full establishment of the Global Accelerator governance structure also composed of the Technical Support Facility and the National Steering Committees, which all together will provide the political, financial, and technical support needed to make the Global Accelerator a success. 

The meeting emphasized the importance of collective and coordinated action to support decent work and universal social protection to advance social justice for all.