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The Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection and the Global Accelerator discuss joint action towards the SDGs


The Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (USP2030), organized a workshop on 27 and 28 September on the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions aiming to discuss how both initiatives can jointly contribute towards the common objectives of job creation and the extension of social protection. 

The virtual workshop provided an informative session and a discussion space to reflect on the linkages between the USP2030 and the Global Accelerator. During the workshop, USP2030 members and partners were informed on the mission, structure, operation, engagement process, and financing mechanisms of the Global Accelerator to identify the synergies for strategic alignment to accelerate the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. 

Representatives from Belgium, Germany and Spain, three donor countries supporting the Global Accelerator, also participated in the workshop highlighting the implementation priorities, commitment, and expectations of their financial support to the initiative.  

As part of the workshop, Mr. Yona Chawanje, a representative from Malawi’s Ministry of Labour, shared the progress and implementation experience of the country to join the Global Accelerator. Malawi identified the priority areas for intervention, the policy gaps, and the proposed measures and reforms, which are highlighted in the national roadmap expected to be validated in January 2024. Mr. Chawanje insisted on the importance of social dialogue and collaboration with different stakeholders to engage and be represented during the national consultations to ensure that their views and suggestions are considered for the implementation of the initiative in the country.  

Employers’ and workers' organizations were also mentioned as key actors in supporting the implementation process in the countries and having an active role during national consultations. 

The workshop convened representatives from governments, development partners, UN agencies, donors, NGOs, trade unions and civil society, and financial institutions worldwide.  

The workshop led to the identification of several joint actions to take for USP2030 and the Global Accelerator to promote integrated approaches to job creation and social protection. This includes, among others, the participation of USP2030 in the design of country roadmaps and the selection of proposals, as well as the provision of technical assistance for the Global Accelerator’s Hub of experts. As a next step, USP2030 will be invited to take part in the design of the Global Accelerator’s Steering Group, and discuss the creation of a new USP2030 working group on integrated approaches at its next Membership Assembly. 

USP2030 was initiated in 2016 by the World Bank and the ILO to turn the SDG Agenda’s vision of universal social protection into reality. USP2030 is a worldwide alliance that brings together governments, international and regional organizations, social partners, and civil society in a shared commitment to ensuring social protection for all. This aligns with the mission of the Global Accelerator and the promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.