Informality Dashboard

The Informality Dashboard is a visualization tool built with ILO STATS data that will allow policymakers and practitioners to make cross-country comparisons in the sectoral informal employment rates. 

Looking at formal employment rates by sector could help Global Accelerator countries to select strategic opportunities to extend both decent employment and social protection coverage. For example, the Dashboard would help identify sectors with lower-than-expected formal employment rates, hinting at possible low-hanging fruits. 

The Dashboard allows the user to understand the sectoral composition of total, formal and informal employment, and the features that characterize an economic sector. Finally, the tool includes historical data starting in 2010, so that trends and evolution by country and sector can be uncovered. This is a useful indication of sectors that have made significant progress in formalizing employment and extending contributory social protection.


Use the arrows and filters to explore the Informality Dashboard 👇


This tool has been developed with the support of the Ministry of Employment and Labour of the Republic of Korea.