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TASHKENT– A joint scoping mission by the United Nations, international financial institutions and other development partners to Uzbekistan took place on 19-20 October 2023, to discuss the implementation of the Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions. 

Following a series of high-level meetings between ten government ministries, social partners, civil society and key national stakeholders, the strong consensus was that the Global Accelerator is timely and relevant and has a strong potential to accelerate Uzbekistan’s strategy 2030 to create decent work for all, extend social protection and promote just transitions. 

The government of Uzbekistan identified several preliminary priority areas, including job creation and the extension of social protection to workers and their families in rural areas, capacity building of national social protection and employment institutions, digitalization, investments in the energy sector in the context of the green transition, the transition to formality and investment in the care economy, among others. 

Sangheon Lee, ILO’s Employment Department Director, said that the initiative will create an important global platform for organizing and addressing the common challenges between the pathfinder countries joining the Global Accelerator.

The inclusion of vulnerable populations and the participation of civil society as part of the process will also be a priority.

During the discussions, a clear roadmap for implementation, and a coordinated integrated financing strategy were highlighted as crucial for the success of the initiative, together with the need for policy mapping and gap assessments.

“We need strategies talking to each other to have a comprehensive transformative change for the people of Uzbekistan,” said Ceren Güven Güres, UN Women Country Program Manager. 

The Government of Uzbekistan will set up a National Coordination Council, co-led by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the National Agency for Social Protection, with Ministries, workers and employers’ organizations representatives, to support the implementation of the Global Accelerator. 

“The World Bank welcomes Uzbekistan’s decision to join the Global Accelerator to strengthen its capacity to protect the most vulnerable. Jointly with the UN, ILO, and other development partners, we stand ready to further support the government in its efforts to create more sustainable and equitable jobs and improve the delivery of social protection services across the country,” noted Marco Mantovanelli, World Bank Country Manager for Uzbekistan.    

It is expected that the roadmap for the implementation of the initiative will be developed by June 2024 and the integrated financing strategy by September 2024, with the support of the Global Accelerator country team composed of members of the Government, development partners and UN agencies.

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